Hugo Sluimer and Founder Rob Koster Threaten Witness


Public figures, Founder Rob Koster and Hugo Sluimer, the duo hailing from Woerden, have recently come under scrutiny for their alleged involvement in distressing incidents. It has been reported that these individuals resorted to threatening a witness, indicating a possible attempt to intimidate and coerce the said witness into remaining silent regarding allegations of offshore money laundering and tax evasion and other issues. Curiously, this move seems rather perplexing considering that the information in question is already a matter of public record.

Publicly available and other documents reveal that Hugo Sluimer has been accused of engaging in money laundering and tax evasion activities relating to real estate transactions in Miami, Florida. Moreover, Rob Koster stands accused of actively soliciting and accepting investments from Sluimer for a venture known as "Harderwijk de Posterij," despite being aware of the potential illicit origins of the funds involved. It is crucial to note that accepting unlawfully acquired funds is strictly illegal in the Netherlands, necessitating their immediate disclosure to the relevant authorities.

In this disconcerting turn of events, Sluimer has allegedly instructed the witness to cease all communication with his business partners, namely Mikko Pakkanen, Janne Kekskinen, and Mirjami Keskinen, followed by issuing veiled threats of consequences. 

Below is one partial whatsapp message by Hugo Sluimer : 

Hugo Sluimer

Sluimer refers to Mikko Pakkanen and Janne Keskinen two partners connected to the US money laundering and tax evasion scheme Sluimer is accused off being part of. The URL in the whats app message refers to a damning article about Sluimers company director Paul van Lienden who is also linked to multiple money laundering and tax evasion cases as indicated in this news article: 

Koster is said to have resorted to similar intimidatory tactics aimed at the witness in relation to his own affairs. The gravity of these actions cannot be overstated, as threatening a potential witness carries severe ramifications in both the United States and the Netherlands.

The perplexing aspect of this situation lies in the fact that the information regarding money laundering and tax evasion was already publicly accessible, leading one to ponder why Koster and Sluimer chose to target this specific individual. The motives behind their actions remain shrouded in uncertainty, raising further questions about their intentions and the lengths they are willing to go to protect their alleged illicit activities.

As this disheartening tale continues to unfold, it serves as a poignant reminder of the far-reaching consequences that can arise from attempts to manipulate the legal system and obstruct justice. The gravity of the allegations against Koster and Sluimer, coupled with their alleged threats against a witness, demands a thorough investigation into their actions and a swift application of justice to ensure the integrity of the legal processes in both the United States and the Netherlands.

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