Confirmed: founder Rob Koster in Settlement Talks in Dismissed Case

 In a surprising turn of events, Rob Koster, may be engaged in settlement discussions following the Judge’s entire dismissal of his multi-million dollar US lawsuit he filed with his business partner Hugo Sluimer against several defendants. This development would mark a significant shift in attitude that has been mired in controversy and complex legal battles. 

The legal threat, initially framed as a straightforward business dispute, quickly escalated into a contentious legal fight. Public records, documents and recordings show that that Koster and Sluimer took extraordinary measures against the defendants, extending their efforts beyond the legal arena. The duo's attempts to deliberately damage the reputation of the defendant(s) in general and in an unrelated business context, would be a move that added a layer of personal vendetta to the proceedings. The men allegedly invented facts that they knew were untrue and are contradicted by records, emails, and recordings of Hugo Sluimer.

The situation took a complex legal turn when Koster and his business partner Hugo Sluimer presented loan documents to the court that inadvertently revealed their involvement in a criminal usury scheme,  illegal in the state of Florida. Forensic analysis of these documents exposed interest rates as high as 45%, far exceeding Florida's maximum legal limit of 17%. Sluimer and Koster forgot to mention to the court that the principle on the loans had been paid in full and in addition refused to present any accounting (legally required on Florida) of wat was paid or what was due which would have shown the loans were usurious in nature.  The men were trying to collect millions of dollars of usurious interest. This revelation not only cast a shadow over their legal strategy but also exposes them to potential criminal charges. Court records show that when the criminal usury was exposed, the men immediately added a high-profile criminal defense attorney who in the past represented billionaire Norman Braman to their council but never denied or addressed the Criminal usury claim. The penalty for criminal usury is two times the amount of interest reserved. 

Amidst these turbulent developments, Koster and Sluimer are reported to have engaged in personal threats and reputation-damaging tactics that could influence business, employment outcomes, friendships and reputations. 

The details of any negotiations and the nature are to be seen. The outcome of any discussions could provide a resolution to a saga that has been characterized by legal twists, personal drama, damages and ethical quandaries. 

Update: Settlment discussions confirmed by Whatsapp messages Rob Koster January 2024:

To be continued.


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